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Conturing Target Areas & Lymphatic Drainage

Endermologie is an innovative technology for the effective treatment of cellulite and improvement in blood and lymphatic circulation.

Endermologie feels like a deep relaxing massage, stimulating the soft tissue, releasing toxins and trapped fat cells within the

lymphatic system while smoothing out cellulite.

Endermologie used effectively in sports medicine to treat muscle spasms, general aches and pains, while increasing blood circulation, improving endurance and recovery time.

Endermolgie rebalances the body, overall wellness is achieved as a result of increased blood flow to organs and increased lymphatic drainage, to assist in the elimination of toxins

For Your Body and Skin

Benefits of Endermologie

For Whom

Slenderness for All!

For Women

Women can successfully fight fat with Lipomassage. It effectively fights genetic fat storage and figure defects in women caused by pregnancy, age, and elasticity loss.

For Men

Lipomassage can be beneficial treatment for men, it targets trapped fat in love handles, potbelly, double chin, and undefined muscles, despite strict diets and exercise.


The SECRET OF LIPOMASSAGE™ lies in the core of the adipocyte

For over two decades, Endermologie has continued without letup to evolve. The improvements of LPG’s internationally renowed technique can be attributed in part, to the machine’s technological advancements, (currently the 7th generation is in distribution), but also to the result of protocol innovations. Such achievements and discoveries are a direct consequence of the extensive clinical research being developed throughout the world. In a recent study conducted by world-renowned specialist in fat cell metabolism, Professor Lafontan (Toulouse, France), it was demonstrated that the mechanical massage action of the Cellu M6 Keymodule is able to activate lipolysis (fat elimination). How? As the independent motorized rollers (especially the Roll’in rotation) condition adipose tissue (fat tissue), the stimulated adipocytes (fat cells) are signaled via adrenergic neurohormonal messages to activate ß receptors (‘cell waste’ eliminators) and trigger lipolysis (fat elimination). Emerging from this discovery is a new methodology, with dramatically more efficient protocols that according to clinical observations, procure visible results on resistant localized fat in as few as 6 sessions. This incredible new treatment is called Lipomassage.

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