Colonic Equipment Types:  Open System -vs- Closed System

Most of the public are unaware that there is a difference, it is our duty of care to educate first time clients, especially in Melbourne as this has the unusual ratio of more open than closed systems.

To give an example, in London they do 6000 colonics per month, and there is only 1 open system.

It can be quite daunting as your digestive system is connected to your nervous system (obviously), plus the fact that is an unknown, and can be quite scary.

It is important to know that your therapist has been trained in the use of colon hydrotherapy equipment, in house training is not sufficient to perform such treatments, Certified training is essential for a safe colonic.

Closed System

  • A Therapist explains system/procedure and does rectal insertion.

  • Abdominal massage performed, digestive system explained.

  • Hot and cold treatments explained to tone the colon.

  • Treatment can be interrupted at any time for clients comfort.

  • During the whole process, the therapist is educating the client on dietary and lifestyle factors, the correlation between the digestive system and the nervous system and improving general wellbeing.

  • Holistic approach relationship with self, diet, work and home.

  • Peristalsis stimulation (like taking your colon to the gym!

  • Therapist can identify dehydration, unchewed food and give an explanation.

  • Duration usually 25 to 45 minutes.

Open System

  • Person explains system and will advise how to do your own insertion.

  • Person advising you does not require a certificate in Australia.

  • Machine set to 45 minutes, after you have done your own insertion.

  • Tea and heat pack, television may be provided, you are left on your own.

  • Various instructions may be offered. I.e. To hold for count of 20 and release, of just hold and let go.

  • If you are cramping or feeling uncomfortable, you can press the buzzer. In certain instances they may turn off the water most times you just carry on.

  • You release down a shute, there can be noise and an odour.

  • You have no idea what you are releasing, as this is your first experience.

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