Overcoming Constipation with Colon Hydrotherapy

Don’t let constipation control your life. Our Melbourne clinic has helped numerous clients with this common issue using colon hydrotherapy. This proven treatment option has provided amazing results and improved quality of life for those who have undergone it. While it’s normal to have multiple bowel movements daily, most people worldwide don’t achieve this frequency. If you’re experiencing constipation, contact us to learn more about how colon hydrotherapy can help you achieve relief and get your life back on track.


  • Stress – ribbon or rabbit stools
  • Lack of dietary fibre
  • Hereditary
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Ideopathic Chronic Constipation/ no visible known cause
  • Piles (haemorrhoids) can be due to straining
  • Laxatives- especially if used too frequently
  • Lazy colon or lack of tone
  • Stress/ nervous tension
  • Poor liver or gall bladder function or no gall bladder
  • Lack of exercise
  • Prostate problems
  • Drugs and medication can act like concrete
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