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  • I am now one happy lady that has been arriving at the door step of the Australian Colon for sometime now.I was so frightened and nervous on how the procedure would progress. But my fears were soon gone with the caring help of Kimi who just made me feel safe right through the procedure. Having Kimi & all staff on hand for any information or just to feel great gave me more than what the value of a dollar meant. So for anyone that is wondering or feeling unsure believe me you will betotally blessed. Thank – you all & Bless you for caring in the way that you do!!

    Joy Ake Brown
  • Many thanks to Sue and Kim for all that you do for me. You both are so dedicated, generous, friendly, professional and so passionate about assisting me with colonic treatments. I cannot thank you enough for all your kind and valuable advice when it comes to looking after my body. Thank you for providing your clients with such a lovely, calm and clean environment. I always leave feeling so much better. You are both such gorgeous souls! I always rave about your successful business to all my friends. The best Australian Colon Hydrotherapy clinic

    Mandy Kaur
  • A fabulous clinic with stellar staff. Great colonic hydrotherapy, excellent infrared sauna and fantastic advice on diet and wellbeing.

    Pip Trentham
  • I have been coming to have the colon hydrotherapy in Australian colon health recently. It is fantastic. The facility is great, the staff are wonderful, the therapy is the best through my own experience. I have been unwell and weak for 5years after the cancer treatment. Now I feel much better for my eating and stress leave after the therapy. I am 100% to recommend to everyone.

    Jane Guo
  • Kim and Sue are very caring and professional, with a wealth of experience and knowledge. The facilities are great – very clean and comfortable. I feel 100% healthier and without any effort my eating habits and stress levels have changed for the better. I wish I had done this years ago. Will definitely be going back. Top quality service and I would highly recommend.

    Katlin T
  • Thank you for taking such good care of me Sue. So experienced & professional, kind & caring. I felt so well looked after & comfortable & my problem was definitely solved. The facilities are clean & comfortable & i would recommend it to all. Thank you again

    Antheas Solopotias
  • Total bliss! I’ve tried infrared saunas in the past, but this one is totally unique. I love that you can customise your own therapy. It has a screen in the wall where you can choose stress relief, detox, rejuvenation to name a few. And the best part is, it’s totally spacious! The last infrared sauna I went to was so tiny I couldn’t get comfortable. The staff here are wonderful & incredibly knowledgable about health & wellbeing.

    Michaele Harrington
  • After a traumatic experience several years ago with an open system and after speaking with Sue about the benefits of their closed system, I cannot recommend Australian Colon Health services and their amazing team enough. I have been going regularly for colonics with Sue, Kim and the lovely team for almost two years now due to many decades of suffering from IBS, foggy thinking, anxiety, depression, and general sluggishness symptoms – I didn’t realise how important it was to have a healthy gut until I experienced the difference after colon therarpy. I’ve tried everything and this definetly made a major positive difference and gave me back a better quality of life. If you are contemplating this service do not hesitate to treat yourself to at least one trestment – you WILL NOT regret it! The clinic is always super clean, flexible hours of operation, have the latesr services. The team there will become your best friends/counseller/stress relief as they educate and guide you through as much or as little that you would like to learn about the experience. I have found improvements also in weight loss, skin complexion, PMS symptoms, increase fertility, cellulite reduction and general well being. This will now be a regular well being maintenance schedule that I will keep as it is too important to go without the benefits. Thanks team you all do an amazing job and I’m so happy to have found you all.

    Maree Cecchin
  • I would like to offer my deepest thanks and appreciation to all the Australian Colon Health Team for their wisdom, knowledge, professionalism and a spotless clean clinic. Thank you all for playing such a big role in my healing journey.

  • Lovely people and a wonderful clinic! After one treatment I already feel better. I’d suggest this place to everyone!

    Amie Smith-Sargent
  • I was very nervous at my first treatment,but the very professional therapists made the whole experience easy.Now I’m a regular client and feel great,highly recommend.

    Nick Burnet
  • Really recommend the Colonic Irrigation here, very professional. Really left feeling amazing, can’t recommend more highly. Will definitely go back.

    Jennifer Kinderis
  • Very professional and knowledgeable Colon Health Centre. Highly recommended to everyone! 100% satisfied!!

    heyo hi
  • Highly recommend. Clean, professional and knowledgeable.

    Andre Swart
  • After a terrible experience 4 years ago with an open system colonic I discovered Australian Colon Health who offer closed system, therapist assisted colonics. What a godsend! The therapist helped me alleviate my IBS symptoms and we also discovered I was riddled with parasites. The clinic is professional, hygenic and very accommodating. I highly recommend making use of their services.

    Kim Wit
  • I have known Kim, and made use of her excellent services for nearly two years.
    When I started to treatments with Kim her professionalism, focus on detail and conscientiousness came to the fore. This was especially well displayed in the way she interacted with me. She managed to always accommodate me knowing that I have a busy schedule and that I travel a lot.
    She is always willing to share information and make recommendations to improve my busy lifestyle.
    Respected for her willingness to improve her knowledge and her passion for improving one’s lifestyle, combined with being approachable, accommodating, and in turn respectful, she built up huge trust with me where I am normally very sceptical of the health and beauty industry.
    I really enjoyed my treatments.

    Tersia, Cape Town – Tersia, Cape Town
  • I have been a regular colon hydrotherapy and remedial massage patient of Kim since 2012.
    At that time I was extremely ill with bilharzia and going through a long course of alopathic medication. Kim’s kind care and expert treatments helped enormously.
    I have continued to see her for cleansing and detox programmes, and recommend her highly.

    Carey, Cape Town – Carey, Cape Town
  • Hi Kim
    Before you leave Cape Town shores, I’d like to firstly thank you for changing my life J and for fixing what I thought was unfixable. I’ve got a new sense of being and purpose – and all due having more energy, focus and hope. Over our 3 interactions as well as our messaging – I’ve learnt more about my body from you than I ever did in the past 10 years of searching for the ‘perfect remedy’. I’ve got more patience with my body – and I’m even kinder to myself. For all of this – I am truly grateful to you and the knowledge that you shared with me.
    And now, I’d like to wish you permanent success, smiles and sunshine in everything you do. Embrace each day and continue to change people lives – the way my life has changed.

    Jill, Cape Town – Jill, Cape Town
  • I sincerely hope you can publish this as it is the truth. I was feeling tired and sluggish and bloated from a very big working year and lots of stressful travel. I literally picked up the phone one Friday night and made a booking at ACH for the Saturday morning. After my initial consult with the delightful Sue who explains the procedures and benefits of colon cleansing we were underway. The next time I visited ACH, Sue did not recognize me. My facial bloating had gone down, my eyes sparkled, my skin glowed and I felt brand new and full of energy. Advice on diet and exercise in conjunction with a healthy colon is the best thing I have done for my health all year. I took Sue’s advice on some additional natural therapies and have committed that this will be part of my health and well being for the remainder of my healthy life.

    Brenda Bailey – Female, Melbourne
  • I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to complete my Colon Hydrotherapy course with Sue. Sue is an absolutely amazing person who has taught me so much which I will be eternally grateful for. If you are thinking about studying Colon Hydrotherapy, and not sure where to study, I can say with absolute confidence that Sue’s teaching style is unique and very effective and this is the right course for you! You can put your trust and faith in Sue and be assured she will nurture, and support you on your journey. Her love of health and teaching oozes out of her in every way and as a result I didn’t want to leave after the course ended! I had expectations that the course was going to be challenging, but I had no idea that it was going to be life changing and a journey of discovery for myself, my past, and my future. The course is really really intense on so many different levels, on theory, practical and emotional. Sue doesn’t just give you a book to read and rope learn, her style is more focused on being in the now, present, feeling and doing which is so much more powerful than reading a text book. Her wealth of knowledge and experience is priceless and this is where a deeper learning is received. The course encompasses theory, practical, team work, mentoring, receiving colonics everyday- often 2 times a day, and experiencing cleansing and detoxification with the assistance of supplements all at the same time! Experiencing is the most powerful learning as that style of learning changes your neural pathways and is set in your subconscious that you will never forget, it will stay with me forever which I am eternally grateful for. I certainly did not know and was not expecting to experience such a profound cleansing experience. For me it was so important to be on the receiving end as this is how some clients may feel when they come for colonics and it is so imperative to have an understanding of their feelings. Sue and her team at Australian Colon Health have supported me immensely through learning the course content, completing the assignments, learning the practical, passing my final exam, setting up my clinic, making business decisions and most importantly supporting me emotionally by being supportive, encouraging and making me laugh!! One of the most beautiful traits of Sue is she is so funny! I have not laughed so much in such a long time and certainly did not expect to be laughing during the course. Sue’s humor was injected throughout the entire course making it so much easier to relax and absorb everything with ease. I will always remember the absolutely comical ‘situations’ we shared together and can’t wait to come back to her clinic for more fun and learning in the future! I envy you when you sign up for this course because you are going laugh so hard, be so enlightened, and start a new amazing journey of self discovery that I just had the time of my life experiencing and I want to do it all again! Bless you and enjoy the experience Australian Colon Health has to offer.

    Zoe – Female, Melbourne
  • I had my first colonic with Sue in Feb 2011.

    I have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a massage before that first appointment so was very relaxed.

    I released easily i.e. Lots of toxic gunk!! My diet had been full of sugar. I am now an organic vegan and completely healed, that’s in a huge part I believe to having colonics.

    I had a small surgery last March and have been on the healing journey since. I had regular conics with Australian Colon Health. I feel their benefit. The toxins need to come out before you can put good supplements in.

    Sue is a highly skilled Healer. A therapist with a vast wealth of knowledge, she is empathic, grounded and a source of inspiration to me.

    I highly recommend her professional manner and her commitment to continual improvement.

    CC – Female, Melbourne
  • I had been suffering with a painful lower back problem for several weeks. I had strained it lifting boxes. At some point I came across your Innerdetox Flier, and read that maybe a colonic would help.

    What an understatement!

    I made an appointment and during the colonic you told me I was releasing massive amounts of toxins and that I might feel better afterward – another understatement. I had walked in very tentatively and could hardly get on the bed because this would cause pain spasms in the lower back.

    Well, I walked out from the treatment normally and haven’t had a problem since!

    Sue, thanks so much for your work and healing hands. I believe everyone could benefit from them.

    KM – Male, London, 51 years old
  • I was so happy to find Sue in Notting Hill, having such a busy lifestyle it was a haven.

    I am a firm believer in colonics and used to go to the same lady in Knightsbridge as Lady Di until she moved away. We have had a few TV crews filming our treatments with Sue, she was on Channel 4 TV doing my colonics when I did celebrity wife swap with Razor Ruddock near Hastings 2007.

    You always been there to help, especially one Sunday night when we arrived outside your clinic in our Daggy clothes and begged you to stay open for our treatment!!

    Thanks for everything.

    PB – Rock Star, Male, London, 48 years old
  • I just want to thank Sue for her wonderful support and belief in me.

    I have completed two courses of 6 colonics. I started with a initial 3, having suffered from IBS during most of my adult years. We perservered and started seeing results.

    Having just bought my own house and had a promotion at work I was very stressed. The colonics really helped me deal with this. Sue encourage me to start cooking simple meals for myself and was very excited when I bought my first wok!! I used to call her from the supermarket and ask her what to buy!!

    Sue also made sure I went to my weekly step classes – and even came to some herself. I am still having colonics every 6 weeks as maintenance and really look forward to them, as I need the encouragement to keep up with my new diet and exercise plus stress reduction regime.

    Life is really fun now after being miserable for so many years, and I am really sad she is leaving the UK. I will really miss her.

    GL – Leicester, 34 years old
  • I first went to Sue at Innerdetox to help with my weight-loss programme

    I had tried every diet conceivable and was a size 22, reluctant to even weigh myself at that stage. The initial treatment was more pleasant than I had anticipated, I was very apprehensive. I went on a simple lifestyle change programme which entailed small sustainable changes that I could cope with.

    Sue asked me what my goal dress size was and I said I would love to be a 16. She started by making sure I was drinking water, we discussed what exercise I could try and I decided to go for a run with my fiancée. He was very supportive too, as I was embarrassed at my size when running, but was determined to stick with Sue’s advice.

    I had three colonic treatments in the first week and then was on a monthly maintenance programme. This really helped as I know Sue could see exactly what was happening inside so cheating wasn’t an option! If I was bad, I just had to be honest with her and myself. By January 2005, I had lost an incredible 4.5 stone and had reached my goal of size 16.

    I have managed to maintain this with my monthly colonics and was still a size 16 when I got married in 2009. I have sent many friends and family for colonics with Sue and as they can see how it completely changed my life, I now have full length mirrors in my house and am eternally grateful to Sue.

    Laura – Female, 28 years old
  • After completing 10 weekly colonics, I am pleased to report the following results: I have lost 8 cms off my waistline even without dieting or changing my intake of calories. My face has more youthful contours resulting in me looking years younger at 58 – most people now think I am in my early forties! My skin in clearer and more supple. My digestion and elimination are much improved and I no longer suffer from bloating and intestinal gas. My formerly protruding gut is now nearly flat for the first time since I was in my twenties.

    Thanks for your wonderful healing treatments and results I will defiinately keep up by quarterly maintenance programme.

    KD – Female, 58 years old
  • I came to Sue because she was highly recommended and wow you changed my life!!

    I started with 6 treatments in three weeks. My husband came to the third one wanted to see what Sue was doing as my moods were the best they had been in the 16 years of our marriage.

    I have been constipated for so many years it just became part of my life – only used to go to the toilet once a week, twice if I was very lucky. I was shocked when Sue told me the transit time of my food should be 8 to 20 hours, disgusting to think I was carrying all this around with me. She recommended herbs to help my colon working, and explained she was helping my lazy colon to start doing what it is designed to do which is eliminate waste at least once a day. I was very toxic bloated, had headaches and no energy.

    Its now 2007 and I still go once a month and always feel lighter after my clean outs. Its a life saver for constipation as I have had this since I was 16.

    Really fantastic to meet Sue and have all the advice and healing with her.

    I highly recommend colonics.

    TD – Female, 42 years old
  • I am a changed woman after experiencing colonics at Innerdetox!

    Sincerely. Sue and her professional, gentle approach to administering a colonic is phenomenal, but she is also educated and willing to share her knowledge on maintaining a healthy lifestyle that further benefits the results of acolonic.

    For example, I have been an avid gum-chewer for years. It was after my first AMAZING colonic that Sue educated me on the gas-inducing and bloating effects of chewing gum. I stopped chewing for a few days and then experimented with a piece. Within minutes, I could feel the bloating begin, and I haven’t chewed a piece of gum in four months!

    This is just one of the many benefitting tips I was given by Sue. Receiving colonics every four to six weeks has enhanced my already healthy lifestyle. I eat well and exercise regularly, but have noticed a special light, internal feeling and sunny glow to my skin after a colonic.

    I feel so blessed to have found Sue!

    Kim – Leicester, UK – Aged 36