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Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports massage addresses the particular needs of athletes and is typically used before, during, and after athletic events, as well as for off-season, pre-season and post-season training.

The purpose of sports massage is to prepare the athlete for peak performance, to drain away fatigue, to relieve swelling, to reduce muscle tension, to promote flexibility and to prevent injuries.

Although designed for athletes, sports massage is useful for anyone with chronic pain, injury or range-of-motion issues, whether you are a recreational golfer or tennis player or weekend gardener or jogger.

Benefits of Sports Massage

You don’t have to be an olympic athlete to benefit from sports massage. We use sports massage to treat a wide range of customers including office professionals and retirees.

For athletes some of the benefits of sports massage are: enhanced athletic performance, faster workout recovery, fewer injuries and faster recovery from injury, restored flexibility and range of motion, removal of lactic acid buildup, extending the overall life of your athletic career, reducing stress, and maintaining the body in better condition.

What Happens During

a Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a type of Swedish massage that stimulates circulation of blood and lymph fluids.

Four Types of Sports Massage

Pre-event sports massage:A short, stimulating massage 15 – 45 minutes before the event. It is directed toward the parts of the body that will be involved in the exertion.

Post-event sports massage:Given within an hour or two of the event, to normalize the body’s tissues.

Restorative sports massage:Given during training to allow the athlete to train harder and with less injury.

Rehabilitative sports massage:Aimed at alleviating pain due to injury and returning the body to optimal health.